Pushing The Boundaries Of Sound Tech

North AudioTEK is a meeting of minds from the industry and academia to discuss the latest trends in audio technology and push the boundaries research & development. Hosted by Signum Audio, the forum presents a diverse range of topics from game audio to artificial intelligence in audio mixing. If you are working in the audio tech industry, or planning on it, then this is for you. It runs from 9am - 6pm on Friday 16th November in The Debating Hall, Loft Bar & Rooftop Terrace spaces. Catering will be provided.

The 2018 Programme

Full Description of Talks

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09:55 - 10:40 ~ The Art of Weapons Recording and Sound Design

With Steve Whetman, Head of Interactive Audio at Pinewood Studios

Steve will share his learnings from weapons recordings sessions for some of the projects he's worked on e.g. Batman: Arkham Origins, Dirty Bomb, Gears of War, Wolfenstein and Star Citizen. Examples will include recording anti-tank missiles, grenades and mortar launchers recorded with the SAS, and WW1, WW2 and present day firearms. How to handle different environments from streets, fields, forests, warehouses, offices, bathrooms, stairwells and corridors. Various approaches to mic technique for capturing different perspectives from on the gun itself to very distant, occluded and reflected. And just generally listen to stuff blow up.

11:00 - 11:50 ~ Developing Sound Design Software at Krotos

With Matthew Collings, General Manager at Krotos

Krotos develop innovative audio tools, mainly for post-production and games. They build products which solve audio workflow issues and inspire creativity. Designing and developing these types of software products is challenging and requires a careful balance between DSP, UI/UX and many other considerations. We will will explore Krotos' approach to design and creating audio plugins that are used by top studios worldwide, in AAA games and Hollywood blockbusters.

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11:50 - 12:30 ~ Large Scale Audio Analysis and its Applications in Music Streaming

With Julian Terzyk, Senior Data Scientist at IDAGIO

Julian Terzyk is a Data Scientist for Music Information Retrieval at IDAGIO, a streaming service specializing in classical music. Prior to IDAGIO Julian worked at SoundCloud. He is curious about music from all kinds of genres, used to run his own record label and enjoys working at the intersection of music and technology. His talk will give insights about what audio features are, how they can be used in music streaming, and how one can compute them at scale.

13:30 - 14:15 ~ Physical Modelling Sound Synthesis: Building and Playing Virtual Acoustic Instruments

With Charlotte Desvages, Teacher in Mathematical Computing at Edinburgh University

Charlotte Desvages is a University Teacher in mathematical computing, and a member of the Acoustics and Audio Group at the University of Edinburgh, where she recently completed her PhD on the topic of bowed string simulation for sound synthesis purposes. This talk will outline the process through which to build and play a virtual bowed string, starting from physical principles, and concluding with audio and video examples generated from simulations. Charlotte will also present an overview of other systems investigated by her colleagues as part of the Next-generation Sound Synthesis (NESS) Project, including brass instruments, drums and cymbals, guitars, and virtual acoustic spaces to play them in.

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14:15 - 14:40 ~ 3D Audio Processing: Inspired by a Bowling Ball

With Chris Buchanan, Lead DSP Engineer at Signum Audio

Chris spearheads Signum Audio's DSP Research & Development into cutting-edge audio software. After graduating with an MSc (with distinction) in Acoustics & Music Technology from the University of Edinburgh, having previously obtaining a BSc in Applied Mathematics at the same institution, he worked with Goodhertz as a DSP Software Engineer - prototyping a novel reverb unit based on acoustic cylindrical scattering in forests. His more recent accolades include building the world’s first TTS system (Text-to-Singing), the “Scarlett Johanssonator” for robotics and voice transformation via glottal modelling as part of his work with fellow Edinburgh company CereProc. Chris has some very exciting ideas in the pipeline related to modular headphone-based 3D audio.

15:00 - 15:45 ~ Building Impractical Music Devices

With Yann Seznec, Lecturer at Abertay University

Yann will discuss his work building playful, strange, and unusual interfaces for musical performance and expression. He will discuss how his latest work examines the need for music technology to become more impractical, challenging preconceived notions of what interfaces need to be.

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15:45 - 16:00 ~ Unleash Your Inner Rockstar: Accessibility, Kids & Tech

With Dr Ben Skoogmusic PhD, Co-Founder of Skoog Music

Dr Ben Skoogmusic PhD is co-founder and CEO of Skoogmusic. He started the company in 2009 with Dr David Skulina, following an educational research project at the University of Edinburgh that aimed to address the fact that there were no musical instruments designed for children with physical or learning disabilities. In his talk, Ben will explore the idea of the of thinking about music as 'food' and the danger of a 'ready meal' or 'processed' culture. Is our relationship with music in danger? And if so how do we find our way back? Could technology be the key? As a company Skoogmusic creates technology that lets anyone create music, exploring this idea further Ben will also chat a bit about the Skoog and their latest product Skwitch. Music for Everyone!

16:00 - 16:35 ~ Intelligent Music Production: A Decade of Automatic Mixing Technology

With Brecht De Man, Co-Founder at Semantic Audio Labs

Brecht De Man is a sound engineer, researcher, and developer of music production software. Over the course of his academic and professional career he has been at the forefront of the field of Intelligent Music Production, where advanced Digital Signal Processing techniques and Artificial Intelligence are applied to the highly complex and creative field of audio and music manipulation. This young research area is increasingly making its way to end users, with many exciting applications in the recent past and near future.

Brecht is a co-founder of Semantic Audio Labs and holds a PhD at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London, during which he published and presented research on the perception of recording and mixing engineering, intelligent audio effects, and the analysis of music production practices.

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16:35 - 17:15 ~ Trends in Game Audio w/ Special Demo of Cyberpunk 2077

With Colin Walder, Code Lead Audio & Localisation at CD PROJEKT RED

Colin will be giving a talk about Trends in Game Audio Technology. Colin is Code Audio Lead at CD Projekt Red, the game studio behind The Witcher 3 and the much anticipated CYBERPUNK 2077. His talk promises to be a very interesting sneak peak into next generation game audio technology.


17:00 - 18:00 ~ Food & drinks in the Loft Bar & Roof Terrace

19:30 - 20:00 ~ Funktion One Demo in the Debating Hall

20:00 - 00:00 ~ Party Time w/ Edinburgh University Music Department & EH-FM in the Debating Hall

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