EXHIBITOR ZONE: Sennheiser & Neumann


Sennheiser & Neumann

We’re excited that the Sennheiser & Neumann UK teams will be joining us in the Exhibitor Zone to bring their professional microphones to the stage. You’ve seen them everywhere: on stages around the world, in studios of all sizes, in broadcasting and film, a Sennheiser or Neumann microphone is always near.

Get a closer look at the technology, their newest wireless systems, latest product developments and have a chat to the UK Sennheiser & Neumann teams at the Edinburgh Festival of Sound Exhibitor Zone on both Friday and Saturday.

You’ll also be able to get special Festival-only discounts on both Sennheiser and Neumann equipment, a perfect opportunity if you’re looking to upgrade some of your kit.


As a testament to the quality of these mics, you can check out this video of Ola Onabule recording The Peace That Deafens in the studio using an array of Neumann microphones.