EXHIBITOR ZONE: Teenage Engineering, ROLI, Nord, Apogee, SSL & Cranborne Audio

Sound Technology: Teenage Engineering, ROLI, Nord, Apogee, SSL & Cranborne Audio

We’re excited to be welcoming the Sound Technology team to the Exhibitor Zone of the Edinburgh Festival of Sound.


Sound Technology is the UK distributor for a number of high profile audio brands including AKG, Apogee, Cranborne Audio, JBL Professional, Nord, ROLI, Solid State Logic, Soundcraft and Teenage Engineering. Amongst the products they will be showing at Edinburgh Festival of Sound are:


Teenage Engineering


 Teenage Engineering’s eagerly anticipated OP-Z multimedia synthesiser and sequencer.


SSL Fusion

stereo outboard processor

The new SSL Fusion stereo outboard processor, with a suite of new analogue processing tools, ideal for the modern hybrid studio.


Cranborne Audio

Camden 500

 New British company Cranborne Audio’s modern approach to vintage sound. The 500R8 USB is a 26/28 channel USB audio interface with controller, discrete analogue summing mixer, and built-in 8 slot high-current 500 series rack. The Camden 500 is an astonishingly clean preamp.



3 Series MkII

 JBL 3 Series MkII. The next generation of JBL’s hugely popular studio monitors including a new 6” model.




 ROLI’s BLOCKS and Seaboard RISE controllers, and their Equator, Noise and ROLI Play software.



Symphony I/O Mk II

 Apogee makes some of the best audio devices in the world including the Symphony O/O Mk2, Ensemble and Element interfaces.

Come and see Sound Technology and its brands at the Edinburgh Festival of Sound Exhibitor Zone and get hands on, speak to the team, and get exclusive discounts!