North AudioTEK Talks: Brecht De Man On Intelligent Music Production: A Decade of Automatic Audio Engineering

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Brecht De Man is a sound engineer, researcher, and developer of music production software. Over the course of his academic and professional career he has been at the forefront of the field of Intelligent Music Production, where advanced Digital Signal Processing techniques and Artificial Intelligence are applied to the highly complex and creative field of audio and music manipulation. This young research area is increasingly making its way to end users, with many exciting applications in the recent past and near future.

Brecht is a Research Fellow at Birmingham City university and holds a PhD at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London, during which he published and presented research on the perception of recording and mixing engineering, intelligent audio effects, and the analysis of music production practices.

Here is a previous talk about his research into “Rethinking the Music Production Workflow” he presented at ADC ‘17.