WORKSHOPS: GMSN! - Build & Programme Your Own Modular Synth

gmsn-pure digit.png

Tickets sold separately (£35 +BF) - this is to pay for the components
Limited to 20 spaces
Please bring a laptop if you have one

The GMSN! Synth Building Workshop is aimed at both beginners and experienced solderers. Participants will be building the GMSN! Pure Digit, a fully programmable, digital utility module for eurorack. If you've ever wanted to start building your own modular synthesiser, this is the place to start. All tools and components will be provided, along with full instructions on soldering and flashing the module. If you can "paint by numbers" you can build a synth :)

The Pure Digit is based on the same chip as an Arduino, so uses the same IDE and programming techniques. It comes with it's own library and some sample code including a Random Sequencer, BitCrusher, LFO and basic VCO.

GMSN! is your gateway into DIY modular synths. Rob runs a series of workshops throughout the year so you can continue learning the craft, and they offer loads of helpful videos and resources on their website and youtube channel.

Russell McMahon