North AudioTEK Talks: Chris Buchanan on “3D Audio Processing: Inspired By A Bowling Ball”

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Chris Buchanan will be giving a talk about “3D Audio Processing: Inspired by a Bowling Ball”

Chris spearheads Signum Audio's DSP Research & Development. After graduating with an MSc (with distinction) in Acoustics & Music Technology from the University of Edinburgh, having previously obtaining a BSc in Applied Mathematics at the same institution, he worked with Goodhertz as a DSP Software Engineer - prototyping a novel reverb unit based on acoustic cylindrical scattering in forests. His more recent accolades include building the world’s first TTS system (Text-to-Singing), the “Scarlett Johanssonator” for robotics and voice transformation via glottal modelling as part of his work with fellow Edinburgh company CereProc. Chris has some exciting ideas in the pipeline related to modular headphone-based 3D audio.

Earlier this year he presented a white paper at AES: AVAR in Seattle, which you can read here.