North AudioTEK Talks: The Art of Weapons Recording and Sound Design w/ Steve Whetman, Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios logo.jpg

Kicking off the North AudioTEK Forum with a bang will be Head of Interactive Audio at the highly acclaimed Pinewood Studios, Steve Whetman.

Steve will share his learnings from weapons recordings sessions for some of the projects he's worked on e.g. Batman: Arkham Origins, Dirty Bomb, Gears of War, Wolfenstein and Star Citizen. Examples will include recording anti-tank missiles, grenades and mortar launchers recorded with the SAS, and WW1, WW2 and present day firearms. How to handle different environments from streets, fields, forests, warehouses, offices, bathrooms, stairwells and corridors. Various approaches to mic technique for capturing different perspectives from on the gun itself to very distant, occluded and reflected. And just generally listen to stuff blow up.