WORKSHOPS: Ableton Masterclasses w/ Simon Stokes & Conor Dalton


Want to give your productions that extra edge? Ableton have you covered. Get yourself down early on Friday to learn some top tips from Simon Stokes and Conor Dalton.

11:30-12:15 Ableton Artist Masterclass w/ Simon Stokes (Petrichor, Soma Records)

During his masterclass, Soma Record's Petrichor will show and tell about his Ableton Live workflows, his writing process and how he uses Ableton Live on stage during performances

13:15-14:00 Ableton Mixdown Masterclass w/ Conor Dalton (Glowcast/Calyx)

Join top mastering engineer Conor Dalton (Glowcast / Calyx) as he delves into the dark world of the mixdown, uncovering common mistakes he sees all the time and how to correct them, and a whole host of other useful tips and tricks for your productions inside Ableton Live.